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Alithia Gallegos

Alithia Gallegos

Founder and Chief Exec. Officer

Steve Gallegos

Steve Gallegos

Co-Founder and President

Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan

Mentor and Advisor

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The Master Strategist

Alithia Gallegos led the marketing and legal departments for a multi-million dollar tech startup, Humach, where she regularly negotiated deals with partners and vendors to reduce expenditures, acquire services, and increase the company’s brand. She’s had a love of marketing and business strategy for twenty years and has taken countless workshops, courses and training to gain expertise and mastery in these areas.

Now she is using her experience and training to create high-impact and high-profit deals for companies in the personal development and professional development industries. Alithia offers businesses a way to increase their profits and sales without increasing their overhead. And she offers product owners and service providers a steady stream of targeted leads that can bring a 2X to 3X increase in their revenue.

Alithia knows that struggling to get targeted leads or finding ways to expand a business are the kind of problems that keep entrepreneurs up at night. She believes that if you have a great product or service then finding people who would love to become a client is the easy part. The opportunities to add additional distribution channels, implement back-end offers, increase the lifetime value of your customers or to form strategic alliances that can transform your business are everywhere – if you know where to look and who to talk to. It’s about relationships. When businesses can present a compelling offer in front of their ideal audience by strategically connecting with complimentary companies – everyone wins.

The Rule-Breaker and Fun-Maker

Known as a Rule-Breaker and Fun-Maker, Steve finds creative ways to achieve the impossible, and ensures that everyone involved has fun while doing it.

Referred to by many as “America’s Ambassador on Success,” Steve Gallegos is a Personal Mastery Strategist, International Speaker and Trainer, Emcee, Best-Selling and Award Winning Author of “How to Live Remarkably: Proven Strategies to Solve Your Problems, Make Better Decisions, and Eliminate Stress.”

His lessons from serving as a U.S. Marine NCO, Police Officer, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Internet Start-Up Founder, and published Commercial Photographer serve as the basis for the real world training and guidance he delivers to his coaching clients and audiences.

As the Founder and CEO of The Stevie G. Success Group, a training company producing multi-media and live training programs in English and Spanish, he is on a mission to elevate others so that we may all contribute to society at a higher level and #LiveRemarkably.

As President of Sonoma Joint Venture Partners, Steve relies on his broad palette of experience as a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, business owner, and entrepreneur, to identify opportunities and forge strong relationships which lead to success for our clients.

The World’s #1 Joint Venture Broker

Sonoma JV Partners is proud to welcome Sohail Khan as a member of our Advisory Board.

Sohail is considered the No. 1 Joint Venture Expert in the world.

After building a multi-million dollar internet training business in the year 2000, he then sold a majority stake to a $150M IT company in 2006. Two years laterthat IT company went bust and Sohail lost everything. Using his knowledge of joint ventures and business building expertise he quickly recovered by generating over $1.5 Million in sales in just 30 days using the same joint venture strategies.

Today, Sohail continues to provide high-impact and high-value results by forming powerful strategic alliances, providing corporate consulting and mentoring the next generation of business strategists through his Joint Venture certification programs. He has an extensive network of key influencers and business leaders and brings decades worth of experience and ingenuity to the Sonoma JV Partners Team.